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technistone® is a fine quartz/granite composite stone made by perfect BRETON® technology. technistone® contains more then 90% of natural crushed granite and quartz bound together with high performance polyester resin and light-fast pigments.

technistone® features
technistone® provides the following features and benefits to our clients:
* Superior mechanical and chemical characteristics long life, ideal for heavy traffic areas, no chipping and cracking during shipping and installation
* Low absorption qualities stain resistance, no bacterial growth, ideal for food-processing equipments surfaces (certified)
* Wide color range variety of natural stone and unique appearance
* Available in variety of finishes high-gloss, semi-gloss, honed, blasted
* Wide range of applications flooring and wall cladding, stairs, sills, kitchen countertops, table tops, furniture, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, swimming-pools, etc. suitable for heavy traffic areas, airport lounges, shopping centers, stations, offices, banks, hotels, retail projects, hospitals, office buildings etc.
* Easy maintenance
* Competitive price

Hygienic characteristic of technistone®
Thanks to its hygienic characteristics, technistone® is ideal for food-processing equipment surfaces and retail kitchen projects.
Content of natutral radionuclides ( mass activity Ra-226) is less than 200 Bq/kg.
Concentration of organic substances extracted into distilled water does not exceed limits specified in Technistone Technical Manual-the handbook for use, installation and maintenance of technistone®.

Other characteristic of technistone®
The other characteristics of technistone® such as:

* contents of natural radionuclides
* flammability
* flame spread on surface
* anti-slip characteristics
* atmosphere resistance
* acid resistance
* polishing
* compressive strength
* thermal shock resistance
* Mohs hardness
* impact resistance

are specified in Technistone Technical Manual - the handbook for use, installation and maintenance of technistone®.