the present technistone® Color Range has several different product lines, each one retaining the typical qualities of its dominant raw material:

with added unique effect of mirror chippings
The shining, sheer elegance of the unique technistone® Starlight colors gives the illusion of depth and luminescence to every interior.
The technistone® Starlight colors can enrich your design especially in bathrooms and swimming pools, but also in retails, hotels and offices. It will add "magic" to your projects when used in with combination of stainless steel fixtures and mirrors.
It lends to other applications, such as dance floors, bars, and vanity tops.
Used in dance halls, discothèques, sports or other clubs the Starlight colors evoke the especial pleasant feeling.

reflecting appearance available in natural granites
The wide range of technistone® Granite colors creates a world of designs for applications in both commercial and home interiors. Available in several types of surface finishes, such as high-gloss, semi-gloss, honed or blasted and in tile and slab form, it passes all required performance tests. Floor designing can be inspired by the combination of the various surface finishes available.
Guaranteed for a long life, the technistone® Granite colors are the ideal materials for large public areas, airports, subways, railway stations, hotels, shopping centers and retail projects.

hardness created by special quartz sand
The technical and aesthetic characteristic of technistone® Crystal colors make them a high performance material suitable for more demanding applications. Due to its superior qualities of exceptional hardness and strength - outperforming many granites - they are especially suitable for heavy traffic areas including airport lounges, shopping centers, stations, offices, hotels and reception areas. With their elegant clean design the Crystal colors are suitable for private houses for both wall and floor finishes creating a cool contemporary environment.

Classic colors of the technistone® Gobi range can be used on their own or with either of technistone® colors. The Gobi Colors are popular especially for their fine and universal appearance - with reference to general design of the whole interior.
Used on their own in the black and white "checker-board effect”, and with their superior quality and clean lines, they will remain timeless for many years to come.

Fashionable texture evoking both night and day

All colors are available in variety of surface finishes such as high-gloss, semi-gloss, honed and blasted to suit all applications.