technistone® is agglomerated stone produced by BRETON® technology based on vacuum vibrocompaction. technistone® compounds from the following main components:

* inert granulated components: crushed granites, crushed mirrors, siliceous sand etc.
* filling agents: microground siliceous powder
* agglutinants: polyester resin
* pigments
* other components

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The intelligent BRETON® technology based on vacuum vibrocompaction of selected natural materials with special polyester resin makes it possible to combine in technistone® the beauty of natural stone with more beneficial properties of composite stone.

The technistone® production technology is based on two steps:

1. Production of the half-finished product:
the exact quantity of all components are mixed. This mixture is superimposed for the prescribed thickness and pressed up in vacuum atmosphere and higher temperature for slabs. The agglutinant in the mixture is indurated with temperature.
The producer warrants the whole induration and compactness of technistone®.
2. Working up of the half-finished product:
The surface of the product is blasted, calibrated, honed of polished as prescribed. The slabs can be cutted into tiles and the edges can be finished.

technistone® has already made an impact throughout the whole world - it has brought commercial benefits to clients in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. technistone® has developed a wide range of colors to suit every application. With its unique design range of amazing colors, enriched with crushed mirror, it is fast becoming a leader in its field.