Liability for damage of products page0_3

The liability for damages of products shall be transferred to the Distributor according to the agreed delivery condition.

Defects of products
The products shall be delivered in the quality in accordance with the Technical Standard no. 1/98 for the conglomerated stone Technistone.
Warranty period of 24 (in words: twenty-four) months for tiles and 60 (in words: sixty) months for slabs from the dispatch date. The guarantee applies for all defects under these following conditions:

- The defects appeared even that the products were treated demonstrably according to the Regulations for implementation, installation and maintenance of the conglomerated stone Technistone.
- The defects can be classified as the apparent defects, i.g. the surface defects, color and structural variations that do not correspond with the quality classification and the characteristics of the quality category of the product and the Purchaser called the attention to it before the products’ embedding or further processing.
- Further, these defects include the variations in dimensional tolerance or variations in mechanical-physical properties that are not consistent with the Technical Standard no. 1/98.

The delivery of products of assortment line or implementation different than stated on the confirmed order shall also be regarded as the defect.

Terms of delivery
- In principle, terms of delivery are negotiated individually.
- When selling the products directly from the warehouse (on the basis of the warehouse stock), the dispatch is possible within 7 (in words: seven) days.
- When realizing the production order, the terms depending on selection of the particular assortment for primary or supplementary line shall be decisive. For the assortments selected for the primary production line, the delivery term is one month from the acknowledgement of the order by the Exporter. For assortments selected for the supplementary production line, the volume of product ordered shall be decisive: for the economically justified volume the delivery term is 10 (in words: ten) weeks, for the assortment of the customer’s line the delivery term is settled individually.

Delivery conditions
If not agreed otherwise, it shall be understood that both Parties agree with the delivery condition of FCA Czech Republic (Incoterms 2000).