Besides the use as floor and wall finishing technistone® can be worked up with diamond accessories in the Technistone workshop or in the other stone workshops into a wide range of cut-to-size products.
Considering the technical and aesthetic characteristics technistone® is a high performance material suitable for more applications. You can see technistone® products widely used in restaurants and hotels as tables and bar tops, reception counters and various parts of furniture.
And because of their beauty, durability and economy technistone® products are an excellent choice for residential foyers, kitchens and bathroom surfaces. technistone® products are more resistant to staining, scratching and chipping than natural stones and most other residential finishes.
The wide range of technistone® colors and designs in combination with wooden and metal fixtures and trims satisfy both traditional and contemporary designs and tastes.
The large dimensions of the slabs, wide range of edge finishes and technistone® color range open up the area for creative interior designing. technistone® is fortunate to employ master stone fabricators who can create high quality stone work for your home or business.
technistone® cut-to-size products
* stairs
* parapets, sills
* kitchen countertops
* bathroom vanities
* tables, bar tops
* parts of furniture
* fireplaces, surrounds
* swimming pools
* other customer cut-to-size products